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This week Kyle and Matthew welcome comedian Ashley Gutermuth for a conversation about the fine art of tiling. Ashely moves a lot and does a lot of maintenance and remodeling herself. She has a passion for the craft of tiling and discusses what makes something well tiled. Spacers! Lips! Really heavy things that easily shatter! All this and more awaits you, plus tangents about Dan Aykroyd, the rivalry between Cleveland and Pittsburg, and picking up litter!

Weekly Rads:

Kyle – hanging out with friends (activity)

Matthew – WEEKLY RAD MEGA DROP: Maniac Cop 1&2 via The Last Drive In (movie), the fire chase stunt from Maniac cop 3 but not really the rest of the movie (movie scene), The Mitchells vs The Machines (movie), Thom Yorke and Johnny Greenwood’s new band The Smile (band)

Ashely – River Monsters, particulalry when you watch it in a hotel room (tv show)


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