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This Is Rad | Self Help
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Self Help

Self Help

This week Kyle and Matthew sit down with comedians Christine Little and Leah Lamarr for a delightful chat about self help. Kyle has spent the better part of this year immersed in the world of self help and recently started working with Christine on a new podcast called “A Little Advice” in which she uses her BA in psychology to give other comedians life advice. Leah was her first guest and after they recorded that episode, she stuck around. Here’s a fun thing you’ll find in this episode, Kyle and Leah (who’d never met before this episode) learn that they have the same terrifying laugh. For real, you’ll hear it in this episode and it’s pretty haunting. The gang discuss The Artist Way, a creative recovery program that Kyle, Christine, and Leah all participate in. They also discuss relationship advice books and make a few recommendations for books that have been helpful to them. This episode stats real silly but also gets pretty intense by the end. Thrill as Christine and Matthew break down his relationship (spoiler alert: he loves Laura). Marvel as everybody shares about their experiences trying to get out from the darkness that can sometimes cloud your head. This episode hardly scratches the surface of the world of self help but if you’re thinking that you might want to explore some of this yourself, this isn’t a bad place to start.


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