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This Is Rad | Industrial Society and It’s Futures
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Industrial Society and It’s Futures

Industrial Society and It’s Futures

Okay… so hear us out. You’re thinking to yourself, “hmm, that title sounds familiar but I’m not sure from where…” Let’s get a couple of things straight. Yes, that is the title of domestic terrorist Ted Kaczynski’s manifesto. No, this is not an episode supporting the violent actions of anyone. But, This Is Rad, what is this episode then? When we ask guests what they want to talk about, it’s often something like “I really love jackets” and we talk about jackets (hmm… we should do a jacket episode when it starts getting chilly again…) In this case, Kyle’s longtime friend Jason Van Glass proposed an interesting experiment for the show. Believe it or not, both Kyle and Matthew had their worries going into this episode. What resulted what a great and thought provoking episode about ideology, technological advancement, human societal structures, anarchism, and about a million other high concept ideas. After so much worry this turned out to be one of the most interesting episodes we have done in a while. If you dug the Invisibles episodes, this episode definitely pairs nicely with that one. Thanks to Jason for throwing us a fascinating curve ball and a great episode!


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