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This Is Rad | Beach Shenanigans
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Beach Shenanigans

Beach Shenanigans

This week on the show, come hang out with Kyle, Laura, and Matthew along with their special guests Spencer Emmons and Katie Slockbower as they spend a lovely day at the beach. Kick back, relax, and let the sound of the ocean calm your rattled nerves. Then enjoy maybe one of the sillier episodes we have done. You see, originally our topic was going to be “The Beach”. Our memories, some fun stories, stuff like that. But before we recorded we decided we’d go down to the beach, do some boogie boarding, have a few drinks, and indulge. What resulted is this episode. Don’t be afraid. It’s a party. Good riffs. Serious silliness. Plus, you’ll learn what SNB means and boy Kyle and Matt sure haven’t stopped using it since we recorded this. Please enjoy spending a silly summer afternoon with us!


Check out Spence’s Disneyland Youtube Channel (where Katie is a regular):


Weekly Rads:

Matthew and Laura: The Spongebob Squarepants Musical (musical) (#joekayewasright)

Kyle: Uncle Drew (movie)


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